Beat the Bloomfields waiting list! Sovereign are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with one of Europe's leading 3.5 /4.5 / 5 tonne Equestrian transportation manufacturers; Bloomfields Leisure Vehicles. Given the high demand for the Bloomfields product, a long standing agreement between both ourselves and Bloomfields has been agreed for reserved build slots throughout the year - at no extra cost!! Order a 3.5 / 4.5 / 5 tonne Bloomfields horsebox via Sovereign to beat the regular waiting list.

The Bloomfield's Range

  • Bloomfields Legacy

    Bloomfields Legacy

    This is the original 3.5 tonne horsebox, with an extra high breast bar and spacious open living as standard. An oversized rear door and stow away pull-out step makes easy loading of tack and...

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  • Bloomfields Legacy S

    Bloomfields Legacy S

    A twist to the Legacy - incorporating a breast bar with a shelf and full opening grills in front of each horse. An alternative to the Bloomfields Professional, ideal for difficult and unpredictable...

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  • Bloomfields Legacy SL

    Bloomfields Legacy SL

    The SL has a separated living space with a full height door through to the horse area, including ample space for two optional large moulded external tack lockers, which provides easy tack access and...

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  • Bloomfields Legacy SLE

    Bloomfields Legacy SLE

    The SLE has all the same luxuries as the SL but with a more spacious living, making this ideal for optional extras such as sink, hob, wardrobe and fridge, etc or full luxury living upgrade. Whilst...

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  • Bloomfields Professional

    Bloomfields Professional

    The horses are separated by means of a full height, grilled partition, head divider and two full height grilled access doors, eliminating the need for a breast bar. The professional comes fully padded...

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  • Bloomfields Eventer 4.5T

    Bloomfields Eventer 4.5T

    The Eventer 4.5T includes full wood finished living with double bed, kitchen, storage boxes, wardrobe, moulded external tack lockers, finished to your own final specification with the fine...

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  • Bloomfields Eventer 5T

    Bloomfields Eventer 5T

    Includes a brand new 3L 180bhp Fiat Ducato Chassis. The Eventer 5 Tonne is the ultimate luxury 2 stall horse box. All the usual safety features for you and your horse and incorporating an 8ft 6” or...

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